Featured Services

  • Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchen Remodel

    The modern kitchen is the heart of the home. Your kitchen, more than just a utilitarian space, serves a major role in the social life of your family. If you’re unhappy with your kitchen, whether it is outdated, cramped, or just too closed in, we can help! Over the years we’ve helped many families remodel and reclaim their kitchens.

  • Bathroom Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel

    Does your bathroom need some attention? The bathroom is made to handle hard daily use, extreme temperature, and humidity. You and your family will collectively spend a significant amount of time in this space each day, so it is important that you are happy with its look and function. Request a quote today!

  • Hardwood Flooring
    Hardwood Flooring

    Nothing can transform your home like new or refinished flooring! Your floor has seen a lot of activity over the years, whether your hardwood floor is looks worn and scuffed up or you just want to get rid that old carpet, redoing your floor is a great way to up the value of your home and restore that “like new” look.

  • Room Additions
    Room Additions

    Do you love your home, but wish you had more space? Room additions are a financially efficient way to add space to your home without the burden and heavy costs of moving out. Our craftsman can help you transform your house into the home of your dreams, creating the spacious, beautiful spaces you’ve always wanted.

  • Decks

    Take advantage of your time outdoors with family and friends on the deck you’ve always wanted. Ozols Construction can build you a new deck, remodel, or expand your current one. We pay attention to details in both design and craftsmanship and strive to build a quality deck that will last you for years to come.

  • Screened In Porches
    Screened In Porches

    Are you looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors with a little more protection than a deck provides? A screened in porch might be your best option. Our screened in porches are made to provide you with all the positives the outdoors without the negatives. Don’t let the sun or rain keep you from appreciating the outdoors!

  • Sunrooms

    Sunrooms are nice transitional rooms in any home. It’s not quite outdoors and not quite indoors. Being that the walls are constructed entirely of windows, you get that feeling of being outside while having the comforts of the modern house such as air conditioning or heating. Sunrooms are a great addition to any home.

  • HVAC

    Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning is an important component to the modern home. Whether you need a new heater or you live in an older home that doesn’t currently have air conditioning, we can take care of any of your HVAC needs!